Mateen Cleaves endangers his diet for the children

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Remember how a Bedrock restaurateur put a slab of brontosaurus ribs on Fred Flintstone’s car, causing it to tip over? Mateen Cleaves, of the national title-winning Flintstones of Michigan State, may have eaten a few of those auto-tipping gut-busters himself over the years. These days, like many of us, he’s watching what he eats more often than not.

“[The diet has] a lot of organic chicken, fish, no fried foods, but I’m going to get busy tonight. I’ll just have to work out extra tomorrow,” he told writer William E. Ketchum III.

Cleaves was willing to forego his caution for one night as he helped open a new Flint, Michigan eatery known as Freakin’ Unbelieveable Burgers. In a state as hard-hit by economic hardship as Michigan, a new employer is great news. For Cleaves, that made it easier to become involved, as did the company’s decision to work with the Flint Boys and Girls Club, a charity close to Cleaves’ heart.

As for the new restaurant’s name, there’s a bit of a story behind that:

“We couldn’t find a place with a good burger. When we did find a place with a good burger, it had a bad environment,” [owner Greg] White said. “Then, when we found a great burger in a great environment, the price was too high. … People work hard for their money, and they want to be able to go out with their family more than once a week.”

While sampling burgers from head chef Tim Zimmerman, who the owners describe as “a mad scientist” because of his inventive recipes, Skaggs’ wife described one of the burgers as “Freakin’ unbelievable.” The owners glanced at each other, and the title stuck.

If you’re ever in Flint, Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers sounds like a must-see.