Boise State, San Diego State and some Big West drama


Believe me when I tell you that I probably hate talking about realignment more than any of you, and if I had any say in the matter, the structure of college sports would a) not completely change by the year 2015 and b) would prioritize college hoops over the money generated by college football.

But since Mark Emmert has not responded to my hand-written letters requesting to be named commissioner of college basketball, than I am in the same boat as you: trying to parse my way through the press conferences and backhanded statements to figure just what in the name of Bob Huggins’ track suit is going on.

The latest, from Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesmen:

The Big West Conference has agreed to “entertain” the possibility of Boise State joining the league for most non-football sports in 2013-14, Commissioner Dennis Farrell told the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

“We did talk about Boise State specifically and where we have come out on this is that we have agreed to entertain interest in Boise State would be the best way to put it,” Farrell said. “We’re open to at least explore the possibility.”

The Big West sent Boise State “a new membership assessment tool that we use to gather information from potential new members,” Farrell said.

A quick recap of how we got to this point: the Big East has added both San Diego State and Boise State as football-only members starting in 2013-2014. SDSU is taking its non-football sports from the Mountain West to the Big West. Boise State’s non-football sports were supposed to be headed back to the WAC, but with the WAC collapsing this spring, the non-gridiron Broncos have been left without a home. The catch is that the MWC won’t allow members unless all sports are included, meaning that Boise State either needs to have their football team in the MWC or none of their teams in the MWC.

Here is where things get interesting: SDSU has a clause within their contract with the Big East that says “the league will ‘discuss in good faith’ SDSU’s admission into the league as a football-only member” if Boise State cannot find a home for its non-football programs and must remain in the MWC.

Why is this relevant?

Because it gives the Big West an incentive to admit those castoff Boise State teams.

The Big West currently doesn’t want the Boise State because the school doesn’t fit their profile: it’s big, it’s not in California and it doesn’t do enough to help raise the league’s value — particularly in basketball — enough to justify the increased travel costs. But it looks like SDSU and Boise State may end up being a package deal. If the Big West doesn’t take Boise State and the Broncos end up remaining in the MWC, than they don’t get San Diego State, either. For what it’s worth, Boise State needs eight of ten votes votes —  Hawaii and San Diego State would get a vote, Pacific would not — to get accepted.

You get all that?

Because I’m not sure that I do.

And please, people, I beg of you, no jokes about SDSU and Boise State being in both the Big East and the Big West. If you think of something clever, it has already been said. I promise.

Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.