Division II and Division III title games headed to Final Four weekend?


The NCAA released a statement on Thursday afternoon regarding the success of this year’s NCAA tournament.

Reading through it is a bit boring, as you’ll run into much of the typical, self-congratulatory back-patting that press releases of that ilk tend to be filled with.

But there is one interesting, potentially awesome note at the end that shouldn’t be overlooked:

As part of the 75th celebration, Lewis announced that all three NCAA divisions will play their 2013 tournament championship games in Atlanta.

The Divisions II and III championship games will join the Big Dance and be played on Sunday, April 7, between the Division I men’s semifinals on Saturday, April 6, and the Division I men’s championship on Monday, April 8.

Philips Arena is the tentative site of the Division II and III championships and exact times will be announced at a later time. The Division I semifinals and championship will be played at the Georgia Dome.

The Division II championship will be broadcast live on CBS, as it has in past seasons, and the Division III championship will air live on the CBS Sports Network.

I played Division III basketball. Having the title game get broadcast on TV isn’t anything new, but having it take place in Atlanta at the same time as the Final Four is. And it’s an awesome idea.