If basketball doesn’t work for Michigan’s Zack Novak…football?


Michigan guard Zack Novak recently completed a four-year career at Michigan, one in which he and Stu Douglass helped lay the foundation for a program expected to be one of the best in the Big Ten next season.

Where Novak’s basketball career takes him next remains to be seen, but if that doesn’t work out maybe he tries his luck on the gridiron.

That’s a 56-yarder…in basketball shoes. Wind-aided or not that’s one impressive kick from Novak.

Basketball players who have move to the football field at the pro ranks have famously done so at the tight end position, from Tony Gonzalez to Antonio Gates to Jimmy Graham.

But why not kicker? Maybe this is something Novak is willing to consider in the future.

h/t to MGoBlog and @GoodmanCBS

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