Indiana’s top ’13 recruit has ‘no problem’ trying to be next Cody Zeller


Here’s a chance for Indiana fans to dream big: Luke Fischer is the next Cody Zeller.

It’ll be another year before we’ll know if that’s even close to reality. But that’s Fischer’s goal. Good to know he’s not scared of monstrous expectations. Zeller’s merely an All-American candidate and future NBA lottery pick.

“Coach (Tom) Crean even told me he wants me to come in and be like Cody,” Fischer told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “People say that I look like him and some say I play like him. I have no problem with that at all. I hope I can do what Cody has done.”

Fischer’s a 6-11, 220-pound prospect in the class of 2013. He’s rated as a 4-star prospect by, which isn’t even close to what Zeller was coming out of high school. The 6-11, 220-pound Zeller was a can’t miss-player who was regarded as the best player headed to Bloomington in years. He was expected to be a star.

For Fischer to reach that level would require drastic improvement. The Milwaukee-area recruit is proud of added strength, skill and low-post moves and says he’ll be continuing to boost his game.

But the story notes that Fischer does have one other crucial aspect of Zeller’s: Both are grounded and focused on their teams. That’ll serve him well on a roster that continues to swell with talent.

Even if he doesn’t turn out to be the new chosen one.

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