Frank Martin thanks the NCAA…sarcastically?


PITTSBURGH–Frank Martin isn’t afraid to speak out against the NCAA, as he showed in an NCAA tournament broadcast this March.

So, with that in mind, read what Martin had to say Saturday night, after wrapping up another day of spring recruiting.

“Thanks 2 the NCAA 4 allowing us out n April 2 recruit in AAU events,” he tweeted from his account, @FrankMartin_SC. “Get 2 eval a lot &spend time w colleagues. Productive weekend so far.”

Perhaps it was really a sincere thank you to the NCAA for relaxing its recruiting rules to allow college coaches out in the spring period, but it had the sound of a subtle critique.

“Allowing us out,” sounds like the kind of language one would use toward an overprotective mother, as you try to get out of being grounded for the weekend.

In a way, coaches are “no longer grounded” and can freely recruit in the spring. But, hey. Perhaps it’s just speculation.

At Hoop Group’s Pittsburgh Jam Fest, Jamie Dixon, Mark Turgeon, John Calipari, Stan Heath, and Martin himself came out to evaluate prospects.

Martin is beginning to get acclimated at South Carolina, having moved over from Kansas State after the season.

The Gamecocks currently have five players committed from the Class of 2012. They will be looking to improve on a 10-21 record this past season, which came under former coach Darrin Horn.

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