Chasing Jordan Sibert


This is the time of year when we hear about transfers non-stop. This season, it’s been kids leaving, and their coaches trying to play puppeteer by writing lists of where players are and aren’t allowed to relocate.

That’s one end of the process. The other end is the mad scurry by other coaches to acquire the services of the free agent hoopsters, and the attendant shadow-scramble of media members to find out which way each kid is leaning.

Doug Harris of the Dayton Daily News turned that metaphorical chase into a literal pursuit. He wrote about a chance encounter with Ohio State transfer Jordan Sibert, who has been rumored to be considering the Dayton Flyers as a transfer destination.

Harris was driving through the Ohio State campus with a friend when he saw a jogger wearing headphones cross the street in front of the car he was in. The kid looked an awful lot like Sibert, and Harris wasn’t about to let the chance encounter slip by without confirming what he thought he had seen.

I cut across stopped traffic, giving that apologetic wave, and started to catch up with Sibert, all the while thinking, There’s 50,000 students here, what are the odds?

We reached the jogger as he turned left on Woody Hayes Blvd., and my buddy got out, asked a bystander to get Sibert to stop (he couldn’t hear the attempts to get his attention because of the headphones) and introduced himself.

I joined them, and I kept thinking Jordan has to think he had just run into a pair of nut jobs. But he was as nice as could be.

Sibert is said to be considering Dayton, though he’s allegedly been contacted by Missouri, Arizona and Iowa State as well. No telling if his encounter with Harris might have scared him away from the media pressure-cooker that accompanies a move to Dayton, Ohio.

Oddly enough, Harris’ article doesn’t reveal whether he even asked Sibert the burning question after he caught up with him.