Former Kansas State commit Robert Upshaw looking to make decision


When Frank Martin left Kansas State for South Carolina last month, it ended up leaving a massive hole in the Wildcats’ 2012 recruiting class.

How large? 6-11, 250 pounds.

Robert Upshaw of Fresno, Calif., decommitted from Kansas State and is now looking at programs across the country for a new landing spot.

According to Dave Telep of ESPN, there aren’t really any definitive signs as to where he may end up.

In a series of tweets Friday night, Telep named a handful of schools, including Ohio State, Washington, Oregon, UNLV, Oklahoma State, and Southern California as possible destinations for Upshaw.

He was a unique case when he decommitted from Kansas State because, unlike other recruits, he did not sign a letter of intent. He only signed an aid agreement, which gave him a lot more flexibility when Martin left for South Carolina.

Upshaw didn’t need to go through the school to reopen his recruitment. Now he is free to move on to another university without having to get prior approval from Kansas State.

He averaged 18.1 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 4.5 blocks per game for San Joaquin High School (Calif.) this past season for a team that went 22-9.

Of the schools that Telep listed as possible places for Upshaw to land, almost all would be looking for production from him in his freshman season.

Scouts say that he is a solid shotblocker and, considering his big frame, can change things on the defensive end for a team. His offensive skills are continuing to develop.

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