Sterling Gibbs transferring out of Texas


Sterling Gibbs’ decision to enroll at Texas was a puzzling one, and one he now appears to regret.

Gibbs announced on Tuesday that he would be transferring out of Rick Barnes’ program after spending one year in Austin. Ashton’s younger brother averaged 2.6 points and about eight minutes for the Longhorns this year. A three-star recruit, Gibbs struggled to find playing time on a team that was loaded with young, talented perimeter players.

“I’ve had a great year at Texas,” Gibbs said. “I’ve improved as a basketball player and as a person during my time here. If my decision had to do with basketball only, I would not be leaving Texas. But my decision is family-related and involves more than basketball.”

Generally speaking, when you are dealing with a kid that changed commitments late in the recruiting process and decided to transfer after just one year, you step lightly. I’m not sure Gibbs fits that description. He is a New Jersey native that originally committed to Maryland, but he backed off that commitment when Gary Williams retired. He’s leaving Texas because he was going to school too far from home and playing in a program where it will be difficult for him to get minutes.

That’s not an ideal combination.

There’s also a reason that two high-major programs were interested in Gibbs coming out of high school, and it goes beyond his familial pedigree. He’s worth the risk for some of the better programs in the northeast.

Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.