Winthrop found a gem in Pat Kelsey


Pat Kelsey gave up coaching last year.

A hotshot assistant coach at Xavier, Kelsey — whose mentor was the late Skip Prosser — walked away from the game in an effort to spend more time with his family. Kelsey last a full year away from the sport, but as Dana O’Neil so eloquently tells us, he couldn’t stay away:

In his year off, Kelsey went through therapy, worked with a company running professional sports camps and hunkered down with his young family. Eventually he flipped on a game on television. One became two and two became an insatiable thirst. He asked in at high school practices, watched more games and slowly realized that walking away wasn’t the answer.

With the blessing of his wife, Kelsey decided to let the word out that he wanted back into coaching.

And it didn’t take long for Winthrop to grab him.

Think about that. Think about how much potential Kelsey has as a head coach if he was able to immediately get a head coaching job despite leaving the sport for a year. As Chris Mack tweeted the day he was hired, “[Winthrop has] no idea how good of a coach/person they just hired!”

Hard working, too: