Compelling reading regarding the pay-for-play debate

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College athletes should be paid. They already are paid. They’re not compensated enough. Those are the three basic stances in the on-going debate right now surrounding college sports.

For college basketball players, it usually centers on the one-and-done players and those at marquee programs. Should guys like Jared Sullinger earn a slice of the massive pie Ohio State makes while he’s playing basketball for the school? Or is the exposure, the coaching and the education he receives while there compensate him enough?

That was one of the Costas Live segments the other night.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

But for those who want more reading on the topic, might I suggest this story by Dave Berri over at Freakonomics? He provides insight and links to many writers who’ve already devoted ample time to the subject.  Makes for interesting reading as the NBA draft deadline approaches.

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