Video: ‘Is spending one year in college good for college sports?’


The question of whether or not players being “one and done” is a good thing for college basketball has been debated ever since the NBA put its new rules in place in 2004.

Quite a few see it as a negative, assuming that a player who spends just one season in school has no plan of being a serious student during their short stint in school.

But who’s to blame for the system being set up the way that it is? Of course Kentucky, who won the national title on Monday night, came up since they’ve been the most successful.

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But Kentucky isn’t the only school who’s had players leave after just one season as there are a number of schools who have been affected by the new setup.

ESPN’s Jay Bilas doesn’t have a serious issue with this new phenomena while NBC Sports’ Doug Flutie wonders if there’s a serious commitment to the classroom in the above clip, and Frank Martin offers the coach’s perspective on it.

Martin pulled no punches in stating that the one and done rule is a bad rule, proposing the move back to 15 scholarships and not allowing incoming freshmen to play should they decided to attend college.

The problem is that such a change would likely have to be a joint operation between the NBA and NCAA. Would that happen with both entities’ main responsibility being to their respective membership? That remains to be seen.

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