James Michael McAdoo’s delay is bad for UNC fans


Immediately following North Carolina’s season ending loss to Kansas, James Michael McAdoo said he’s be back for his sophomore season. His father – Ronnie McAdoo – indicated the same thing. It seemed logical. McAdoo committed to UNC not knowing that Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Harrison Barnes were all returning. Visions of being the Man as a freshman vanished and were replaced by lots of minutes on the bench. A sophomore season would allow him the college experience he envisioned.

And then McAdoo went home to think things over.  Uh oh.

Originally his father said he’d reach a decision by Monday. Today is Monday. No news.

There are two ways to take that. Either McAdoo and his family are torn about returning to UNC, or they’re figuring out what to do now that he’s gone.

According to Brett Friedlander:

The player’s father told Inside Carolina on Monday that it could be another week before a decision. The longer it takes and the closer the family looks at his draft possibilities, the more likely it is McAdoo will join now former UNC teammates Henson, Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall on the way out the door — even if it’s only to “test the waters.”

Of course, the new timetable for “testing the waters” only extends until the spring signing period, which is 9 days away. One way or another we’ll know by then. But with each day it will be more and more surprising if McAdoo follows through with what he said after the Kansas game.

If he really is a top-10 NBA pick, then I don’t see what another year in college will accomplish.