Celebrations in Lexington following Kentucky win go a little too far (UPDATED)


One video from last weekend’s fan celebrations in Lexington featured a burning couch in the middle of the street. Some Kentucky “fans” went a little further on Saturday night.

Following Kentucky’s 69-61 win over in-state rival Louisville in New Orleans, some who remained in the Commonwealth took the streets to burn couches and flip cars.

Some streets around the UK campus were blocked off to accommodate for added fan traffic according to the Associated Press, and police shut down more streets due to the behavior.

Things got bad enough on State Street that police used pepper spray on the crowd in effort to subdue them.

After a couple of hours things began to die down in Lexington, and city spokeswoman Susan Straub said that things did not get out of control contrary to some initial reports.

Unfortunately sporting events tend to be an excuse for a small group to ruin things for the rest of a fan base. Hopefully those involved can find a better release on Monday night regardless of the result.

Raphielle is also the assistant editor at CollegeHoops.net and can be followed on Twitter at @raphiellej.