Those NCAA tournament floors have quite the life

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That Final Four floor isn’t cheap. Nor is it permanent. Or easy to install.

But hey, it makes for the quite the setting.

The portable floor is one of 21 produced for the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament sites by Connor Sports Flooring. It builds them by hand at their plan in Michigan, then ships them all over the country for the big game. (You can see it being assembled here.)

This USA Today story details the immense amount of work put into constructing each floor, but what happens after is just as interesting.

It costs about $90,000 to buy the temporary floor (saving about $15,000 for installing a new one). The Final Four floor is usually sold to men’s champ (they often sell ‘em to fans), while the floors at regional sites can end up in various locations.

“Everyone wants a piece of this tournament,” Jeff Morton, Connor Sports Flooring’s director of marketing, told The Dagger. “It’s amazing to see.”

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