Could this Final Four be loaded with future pros like ’08?


John Calipari’s trip to the 2008 Final Four – yes, it happened, no matter what the official records say – featured four No. 1 seeds in one of the most loaded final weekends the NCAA tournament’s ever seen.

The teams entered the weekend a combined 143-9, by far the best record since the field expanded to 65 teams in 1985. It was even a better win percentage than 1976 when two unbeaten teams were playing. That foursome also featured 14 future NBA players, a handful of future D-Leaguers and other guys who would play overseas.

“Well guess what”, Calipari said. “This Final Four will be very similar to that.”

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He could be right.

The records aren’t as good (Kentucky’s the only team close to the résumé of those 2008 teams, but there are plenty of pro prospects playing.

According to, the Wildcats feature six guys who will be drafted in the 2012 or 2013 NBA drafts, three of whom are lottery picks this season. Kansas has four (one lottery pick), Ohio State four (one lottery pick) and Louisville three (one, next season).

That’s 17 total and doesn’t include guys like Ryan Harrow (NC State transfer who can’t play for Kentucky until next year) or Shannon Scott, who could blossom into a star for Ohio State.

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