Can Ohio State snap the Big Ten title drought?


It was two years ago that Ohio State’s last national title team got together for the 50th anniversary of that feat.

That team had Jerry Lucas surrounded by a bunch of talented supporting players which included John Havlicek, Bobby Knight and Larry Siegfried. It was also the one and only Buckeye national champion team. Three times since then (including the next two seasons) Ohio State has played for the title. But so far, no luck.

That could change on Monday.

Another thing that could change is the Big Ten drought during March Madness. Eleven tournaments have come and gone without the Big Ten cutting down the nets. The last title was Michigan State in 2000.

Since then the ACC has won five times, the Big East has won three, the SEC has won twice, and Kansas brought home a Big-12 title in 2008. Amongst the BCS conferences, only the Pac-12 has had a longer drought.

Since the Big Ten last won a title, four teams have won twice (Duke, Florida, North Carolina and UConn).

With the ACC and Pac-12 eliminated, all that remain are single participants from the other four major conferences.

Is Ohio State worried about snapping the Big Ten’s drought? Probably not. But if they are able to do so, they’ll not only boost the reputation of their conference, but they’ll reach back 52-years and connect with the greatest team in Ohio State’s history.