Every time Brittney Griner dunks ‘it sends a message’


Baylor’s Brittney Griner is the most intimidating defensive force in the women’s game. The 6-8 center averages 5.1 blocks a game (not to mention 23 points and 10 rebounds) and alters countless shots by opponents who don’t want to get swatted.

What about offense? Can she be intimidating on offense too?

Oh my, yes. Dunking will do that.

Griner became just the second women’s player to dunk in an NCAA tournament game when she slammed one in a 76-57 win against Florida. Griner can easily dunk – this one came off one step – but her coach told her throwing one down in a game might help her aura.

“I think she’s gotten away from trying to be monstrous with her going to the rim,” coach Kim Mulkey said. “I told her about two weeks ago — I said: ‘Even if you miss it, it sends a message.'”

Here’s how it looked.


Griner didn’t think much of the dunk. (She likes nasty blocks more.) But if it helps her team win, she’s all for it.

“I think my team got fired up a little bit more than me. I got a little bit more fired up, I think, on one of the blocks I had,” Griner said. “But it definitely felt good throwing it down.”

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