Duke’s loss seems to delight more than Lehigh’s win

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Apparently the only thing better than seeing a No. 15 seed win an NCAA tournament game is watching a 15 seed beat Duke.

Anyone on Twitter or Facebook following Lehigh’s 75-70 victory could see evidence of that.

This Quickish compilation of tweets sums up the general schadenfreude regarding the “pleasure” in the Devils becoming just the sixth 2 seed to lose to a 15 seed.

Some go high on the sarcasm, such as D.J. Gallo: “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart is going to cave in.”

Others take outright glee in it. From Pete Abraham: “What a shame about Duke #thingsnobodywillsay.”

Those were tame compared to Facebook.

Among the comments from NBCSports.com and msnbc.com, approximately 5-10 percent were favorable toward the Devils, usually in some form of remorse (and most of those were usually related to how their brackets were doing).

It’s no secret Duke’s a polarizing team. Friday simply provided a massive megaphone for people to state their feelings.

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