Oddsmakers love Kentucky; Memphis, New Mexico enticing bets


It’s easy to fill out a bracket. I mean, check out what these knuckleheads did.

A truly informed bracket would consult a few things before a Final Four is selected. This Luke Winn story would be one of them. Kenpom.com would be another.

But there’s one source everyone should consult. Oddsmakers.

Kentucky was tabbed the (obvious) favorite to win it all at 5-2, followed by Ohio State at 6-1, according to Mike Colbert of Cantor Gaming. (They probably consulted kenpom, which has the Buckeyes rated No. 2, behind the Wildcats.)

But those odds aren’t from every oddsmaker. The guys from Sportsbook.com have North Carolina second (5:1), followed by Ohio State (8:1), Michigan State and Missouri at 10:1. Syracuse and Kansas are 12:1.

Most of the 16 seeds are 500:1.

But, if you’re so inclined, take note of where Memphis (60:1), New Mexico (75:1) and St. Louis (100:1) are. All three are in the top 13 of kenpom, yet have fantastic odds for making a buck if they win. (St. Louis and Memphis play each other on Friday, so good luck working that one out.)

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