Tom Izzo speaks candidly about Bruce Weber’s firing


INDIANAPOLIS – Following today’s victory over Iowa, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo took time to sound off on the firing of Illinois coach Bruce Weber.

“I’m sick about it,” Izzo said. “This morning my wife and I shed a tear. Half of it was for Bruce, the other half was for my profession.”

During his post-game press conference, Izzo was asked to briefly segue about his team’s performance this afternoon to give his thoughts on Weber, but said he’d like to touch on the issue in-full after answering questions about today’s game.

What came out of his mouth seemed like a monologue that was stuck in his head all morning. Something he couldn’t wait to unleash when the time was right.

Here you have administrators who the pulling the rug under things in the middle of January when you’re 16-6 or 16-7 or whatever it was and you publicly talk about ‘we’ll make decisions at the end of the year’.

I don’t know what you guys think about kids…but they’re a little more fragile  today. Not as many two parent homes. Not as good a school systems that are holding kids accountable and demanding. So now we put that on those poor kids? And then we’re surprised that they lose nine out of ten?

I think it was ridiculous the way that it was handled. If I take abuse for that I really don’t care. Because I’m also president of our [National Association of Basketball Coaches]  association this isn’t about a friendship, this is about a profession.

In any organization, the only way you can be successful is if top to bottom, from the president to the trainer, are all on the same page.

I feel bad for the Illini Nation…but I feel worse for Bruce because we lost a good soldier…I hope that administration has a good game plan.

If this was HBO, we could really get at it right now.

An audio recording of the entire “rant” can be found over at

Izzo is a candid guy, and his decision to continue that reputation shows how much he not only respects Weber as both a coach and person, but how he’s confident enough to speak on behalf of his industry brethren.

Who knows how many other coaches, whether it be here in Indianapolis or across the country, were considering making a statement on Weber’s firing, but Izzo knows he’s earned the right to get on the soapbox. He knows we will listen, and he knows we’ll respect his words.

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