Photo of the Day: Joe Biden watches Delaware’s hoops star


Cheating a bit with the photo of the day post, but it couldn’t be helped. Call me a sucker for a famous face in the crowd.

And when it’s for Delaware women’s hoops? Well, call that the Elena Delle Donne effect.

The female hoops star has been garnering national attention thanks to her stellar all-around game and ensuring the Hens to a top 10 ranking and up from the cellar of the CAA. She can score, pass, rebound, you name it. She’s got game.

Why else would Vice President Joe Biden be in the stands? He wants to watch some history.

So this photo makes the cut. It’s old (from Jan. 22), but was distributed today by the Delaware Athletics & Sports Information office. So I’m making an exception.

source: AP

(AP Photo/ Delaware Athletics & Sports Information, Mark Campbell)

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