Video: ‘Bama fan with ‘that big face sign’ a hit everywhere

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You may not know Jack Blankenship’s name, but you might recognize his face.

This photo taken by Hal Yeager of the Birmingham (Ala.) News went viral last week, showcasing Blankenship’s face in the exact pose of a giant cardboard head – that also featured his face. ESPN’s TV cameras also noticed him during Alabama’s Feb. 4 69-67 win vs. Ole Miss, but it wasn’t until the photo that people really started noticed.

Now, Blankenship’s become a minor celebrity, all because he was smart enough to be a little creative. The Tuscaloosa native hit the Big Apple this week – updates on his Twitter timeline are priceless – and he even stopped by the TODAY Show to explain how the big face thing got started and why he makes that face.

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He plans to launch a stand-up comedy career someday, which will almost certainly include some kind of amusing face or two.

How else to live up to a Twitter bio says “publicly embarrassing myself since 1992?”

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