Video: Arizona prospect throws down a LeBron-esque dunk


Arizona doesn’t lack for athletes. But Sean Miller’s team might not have anyone capable of pulling off the dunk 2012 prospect Gabe York did last Friday.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

Yes, it appears as though the 6-2 guard places his arm on the defender to go over him, but it’s still an impressive sight of athleticism. I mean, the kid’s 6-2. Players seven or eight inches taller have trouble making that play. (Unless you’re LeBron.)

York scored 26 in a 70-46 win against Dana Hills (Calif.) High in the IA playoffs, which will almost certainly be the last thing anyone who saw the game talks about. His coach, Chris Nordstrom pretty much sealed that.

“[York’s slam was] maybe the best I have ever seen in a high school game,” he told the L.A. Times

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