Here’s a shot you just can’t defend


This shot wasn’t exactly what Aaron Zinnerman had in mind, but the result worked out.


That was just two of the Wabash College senior’s 14 points in a 79-51 win Saturday over Kenyon College. The funny thing? Zinnerman practices random trick shots all the time. Even that one. But the D-III player had no clue how wild it appeared.

“When I was shooting it, I didn’t realize how crazy it looked, but once I saw the video, it was a pretty wild shot,” Zinnerman told Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger.

“I practice doing a million different trick shots, but I hadn’t done that one lately. I guess when you get good at hitting a couple trick shots, other ones just come naturally.”

Can’t wait to see him pull off one of the other trick shots during a game.

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