Last team to lose in regular season rarely wins it all


So, is the best behind Murray State?

The Racers’ perfect season came to an end Thursday night as Tennessee State pulled off a 72-68 victory that was as notable for how Murray State handled itself down the stretch as the ultimate outcome. The Racers didn’t look like a 23-0 team, bumbling possessions and throwing away passes.

But hey, everyone has a bad night. Given that Murray State opened with 23 victories in a row, it was probably due.

Barring a collapse, the Racers are still headed to the NCAA tournament, conference tournament title or not. But how will they finish? Depends on the matchup.

But, for some helpful historical perspective, Matt Norlander put together a chart of the last team to lose in each season since 1976 (the year Indiana won it all and was the last team to do so without a loss).

Man. How did Clemson miss the Big Dance in ’07?

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