Here’s an earworm for you: The ‘Murray State Anthem’


Forget Murray State’s 21-0 start. The Racers just hit college basketball’s big time with this little ditty.


The “Murray State Anthem” by Trubz ‘N’ Matlock won’t win any awards for its lyrics or production value, but it certainly gives it a shot. Bright lights! Babes! Dunks! And it definitely wants you know that Murray State’s the best team in the Ohio Valley Conference, per these lyrics.

“Who gonna win the OVC and do big things? It’s us, bruh.”

“Got the whole world watching, asking ‘bout the OVC. See us on the television; ‘What up, Dickie V!’”

Might spend the rest of morning trying to decide if it’s better than “Teach Me How to Jimmer” …

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