Ashley Judd offers Terrence Jones some Twitter support


John Calipari didn’t mince words regarding Terrence Jones’ performance during Saturday’s loss at Indiana.

“He absolutely gave us zero today,” the Kentucky coach said.

As noted here by the Kentucky Kernel, there was a significant point late in the second half when the Wildcats cut into the lead with Jones on the bench. Once he subbed back in, he got beat for a layup. That was enough.

“That just showed it wasn’t his day,” Calipari said. “That’s where I said, that’s it. I’m not even going to try. We gotta try to win this game, we’ll deal with you when we get home.”

Even Dick Vitale, a guy who rarely misses a chance to heap praise on star players, called Jones’ play “embarrassing” and said “he looked totally not into the game.”

If it seems like everyone’s piling on one of the game’s top players, not to worry. One of Kentucky’s fiercest – and most famous – fans has Jones’ back. Cue Ashley Judd’s tweets:


If Jones pops for a double-double against Chattanooga, I’m guessing this’ll become a regular thing from Judd. I mean, if it works, why mess with a good thing?

(Big thanks to Kentucky Sports Radio).

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