Don’t leave a cell phone around Steve Lavin during a presser


St. John’s coach Steve Lavin has only coached in three games since his return from successful surgery to treat prostate cancer.

Though he remains on a modified media schedule and says he has not yet reached 100 percent, his patented outgoing personality and laid-back approach are back at full strength.

The scene:

Prior to his team’s matchup with Arizona in the 2K Sports Classic, Lavin took questions from the media in the press room on the school’s Queens campus.

Some reporters use their cell phones to record audio at press conferences, instead of the old-school tape recorder or new-age digital voice recorder that litter the table in front of Lavin. The only trick is, the phone needs to be on silent, in case of an unexpected phone call.

One reporter forgot that golden rule and a classic Lavin moment ensued.

Check out video of the incident here.

Lavin’s Red Storm lost to Arizona last night, 81-72, and will play Texas A&M in the 2K Sports Classic consolation game at 4:30pm.