So who is selling John Henson’s jersey on eBay?

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The Carrier Classic was a great event not just because it was a game played in a unique setting between two powerhouse college basketball programs.

What made it so special was that the game’s purpose was to honor the our nation’s true heroes on Veteran’s Day. After the game, Tar Heels power forward John Henson gave his jersey to a wounded veteran on the ship. This wasn’t just any jersey, mind you. This was a specially designed uniform, one that was talked about for weeks leading up to the game.

And what did that veteran do with the Jersey?

He sold it on eBay.

Or at least he attempted too. Right before halftime of the West Virginia-Kent State game — which would put the time at approximately 10:50 am ET — John Henson tweeted out a link to the page where the jersey was being sold. The asking price? $1,525.

“Whoever is selling my jersey I gave to a wounded veteran from the ship is not cool at all… smh..” Henson tweeted. “Hopefully he is selling it for a good cause.”

By 11:05 am on Monday morning, the item was taken down and the profile — ratboi39 — was deleted. Luckily, I grabbed a screen shot. (How awesome am I?):

I’m in the middle of the Hoops Marathon Live-Blog, but I feel like it goes without saying — we don’t pay these athletes and we don’t allow them to profit off their likeness, but would that jersey be worth $1,525 if Henson hadn’t played in it?