Bobby Knight, in all his glory


Bobby Knight has made a name for himself in many ways throughout his illustrious career.

For starters, he’s arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all-time. If his 902 career wins — which will remain the most in the sport until Mike Krzyzewski breaks the record this year — don’t convince you, maybe his three national titles will. Knight has also made a name for himself as announcer for ESPN’s college basketball broadcasts, although that part of his legacy will be remembered mostly for his insistence on calling for a shot-fake.

Perhaps what is the most legendary aspect of Knight’s character is his temper, and while his players no doubt felt the brunt of it, reporters silly enough to ask dumb — or, at least what Knight perceived as dumb — questions got their fair share of vitriol.

Exhibit A:


I … have no words. It is plenty entertaining snark-free.

(h/t Justin Young)