Stanford’s Bird-Jordan commercial even has Mark Madsen!


There will never be another Michael Jordan. There will never be another Larry Bird. And there will never be another Bird-Jordan McDonald’s commercial.

But Stanford gave a shot.


In an effort to promote the Cardinal’s upcoming scrimmage on Oct. 23, big men Dwight Powell and Josh Owens try to one-up each other with a series of dunks, all to try and win an extra burrito. It’s a decent send up of the iconic ad, though I give credit to Powell for that. His self alley-oop from the second level was inspired.

(And is that really Andrew Luck?)

And the capper? Former Stanford big man Mark Madsen plays the Larry Bird role from the LeBron James-Dwight Howard remake. Madsen, displaying acting skills akin to his dancing, walks off with the burrito.

Hey, if that helps motivate Stanford for a solid season, maybe it’ll all be worth it.

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