Texas A&M sure made this August interesting


Texas A&M is going to the SEC. Probably. And it’ll happen in 2012. Reportedly.

In a series of stories that assure the Aggies are finally earning more press than in-state rival Texas, the Aggies, the state of Texas, the Big 12, the SEC and pretty much every college football and basketball writer in the country (and many non-college writers) – and, of course, the Aggie fans – are all atwitter about a move that’d been a year in the making, yet nobody seemed quite sure it was going to happen until a few days ago.

Our stellar college football blog, CollegeFootballTalk, has most of the details and will be your source of updated info during the next few days/weeks as Texas A&M secures its future (and pays through the nose for it), the Big 12 worries about its own and the SEC plots moves of its own (even though those moves reportedly don’t include Texas A&M right now), including the possibility of adding other schools.

Ah, the megaconference. The non-stop story of every summer from now until who knows when …

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