Jimmermania snags another award away from Kemba


Jimmermania is unstoppable. Kemba Walker can attest to that.

Jimmer Fredette won nearly every college hoops award after leading the nation in scoring, helping BYU to a school record 32 wins, a MWC title and a spot in the Sweet 16. People loved his shooting exploits, made songs about him and basically turned him into a demigod.

However, as Walker made clear in Connecticut’s run to the NCAA title, Fredette wasn’t the best player last season.

Not that it mattered when it came to fans voting on the “Best Male College Athlete” for this year’s ESPY awards. Jimmermania prevailed. Hell, Fredette even beat out Cam Newton, who swept all the college football awards AND won a national title.

That’s the power of The Jimmer. Go figure.

Yet, it still hasn’t gone to Fredette’s head. He tweeted this shortly after the ceremony.


And, in a classy move, Walker tweeted his own congrats to Fredette.


Gotta like that. Walker knows how to win, and how to lose with dignity. Good show, guys.

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