When college hoops writers stage an NBA mock draft


When six college hoops writers get together to stage an NBA mock draft, what’s not to like? OK, maybe it takes a slight hit since Rob Dauster’s offering his expertise …

Anyway six bloggers, me, Rob, Jeff Borzello, Brian Snow and Matt Prehm all traded emails for the past week or so with Justin D. Young for a hoops writers mock draft. Justin posted the results at his site, National Hoops Report.

Among the notables:

Klay Thompson to the Bucks at No. 10
I did this one, which is probably five spots too high for Thompson, but I figure if Milwaukee needs a shooting guard, I want him to be one who can make a jumper. That isn’t Alec Burks.

Josh Selby to the Jazz at No. 12
Snow called this one, banking on Selby’s talent and not taking too much stock in his sub-par season at Kansas. A high-risk, high-reward pick.

Marshon Brooks to the Celtics at No. 25
Prehm thinks Brooks could be Ray Allen’s replacement in a few years, which might not be far off. Hell, given how old the Celtics’ roster is, he could be the focal point of the offense in a few years. Not bad.

Justin Harper to the Spurs at No. 29
Rob gives the Spurs an underrated, solid player who’ll be overlooked by most teams. Sounds like a typical Spurs pick. Maybe Rob does know what he’s doing.

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