ACC/Big Ten Challenge pairings get you psyched? Me too


Can’t wait for next season? Join the club.

If the latest batch of recruiting news didn’t whet your appetite, I’m sure the ACC/Big Ten Challenge pairings did.

Duke-Ohio State? Wisconsin-North Carolina? And 12 games instead of 10? Gotta love it. (Turns out there was an upside to Nebraska joining the Big Ten.)

Here’s a list of the matchups and the days.

Tuesday, Nov. 29
Miami at Purdue
Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Illinois at Maryland
Michigan at Virginia
Clemson at Iowa
Duke at Ohio State

Wednesday, Nov. 30
Indiana at North Carolina State
Penn State at Boston College
Florida State at Michigan State
Virginia Tech at Minnesota
Wake Forest at Nebraska
Wisconsin at North Carolina

The Big Ten’s shooting for its third straight “title” in this event, so I’m hoping it all comes down to the finale between Wisconsin and North Carolina. The presumptive national title favorite playing host to perhaps the nation’s best player, not to mention an amazing contrast of tempo? That’s enough for even the most casual hoops fan to love.

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