Turgeon’s had a tough start thus far at Maryland


Mark Turgeon’s first week at Maryland hasn’t gone quite as planned.

The Terps’ new coach lost out on transfer Wally Judge, who would’ve been a nice frontcourt addition. Then two Maryland recruits asked and received releases from their letters of intent. A third is on the verge of doing the same.

If that happens, the Terps will have lost its entire incoming class. Ouch.

However … there is some good news. All three recruits want to keep their options open. Maryland’s still in play.

As Jeff Borzello from CBSSports.com reports, Sterling Gibbs and Nick Faust are in search of what the best fit might be. Same with Martin Breunig, though he’s still with the program as of now. Turgeon’s style is oriented more toward defense and a slightly slower offense, which is a change from what Gary Williams did.

Also important? Keeping assistant coach Bino Ranson, which might appeal to those recruits. It’s all part of making the transition to a new coach. As Ben Broman writes at Testudo Times, it’s fairly common, but can make for some rough seasons.

If you’re wondering, no, this isn’t a unique situation for a team that just underwent a coaching change. In fact, this tends to be common practice. Remember when Calipari went to Kentucky and basically all of his commitments followed him? Or when Crean when to Indiana and everyone left? Or when Miller went to Arizona and was working with a bare cupboard?

Turgeon will have a similar experience next year. It’s going to be a tough first year if only in the numbers and lack of depth. Eight scholarship players and no size isn’t a formula for success.

Turgeon’s pumped for his new job and will certainly have a few years to adjust in Williams’ departure. But it won’t be several years. Maryland won’t tolerate that.

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