Upside to voice of UNC sports retiring? All the highlight clips


I didn’t grow up in North Carolina. Don’t have any ties to North Carolina. And I never listened to Woody Durham call a Tar Heels game.

But I can appreciate it when a guy like Durham retires. Those guys are essential to the fabric of the sports world. Every team – well, most every team – has a guy beloved by fans because he’s the voice of the team. And when you’re around for ages, it only elevates that stature.

Durham, 70, called more than 1,800 men’s hoops and football games, including four national title games. That’s some legacy.

Anyway, there’s a sampling of Durham’s legacy and his influence here, though I found myself more fascinated by this video link and this mp3 selection of his greatest calls. It’s a situation where you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it all.

Well, maybe not if you’re a Duke fan.  

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