Arizona’s tall task? Find a stellar assistant coach


Dayton hiring’ of Archie Miller earned some solid reviews from coaches and onlookers.

But perhaps the biggest indicator of the solid hire is how Arizona coach Sean Miller is handling the loss of his top assistant. He’s not looking for someone better. He wants someone of Archie’s “equal.”

“Although the name of the game so many times is recruiting, the comprehensive approach that he had as a coach is what made him so valuable,” Sean Miller said recently, via Arizona Desert Storm . “He could help during the games, was a very good practice coach, had great relationships with our players, could recruit and moving forward our biggest priority in our program is to hire someone of his equal.”

OK, so Miller’s likely to sing his brother’s praises. After all, he hired him in the first place.

But it’s telling that he talks about Archie’s recruiting, schemes and handling of players. That’s what one would call the total package, which most coaches don’t always have. It’s why some fill their assistant staffs with guys who fill roles they don’t always do well.

But Arizona? It’s looking for someone who does everything well. To which I say, good luck. Most of those guys are head coaches somewhere.

“I think it’s very important that whoever we hire is equally comprehensive in their ability to contribute,” Miller said. “Not just a recruiter, not just a coach, but someone who can blend all of those qualities and I guess what I’m after is just an excellent coach.”

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