Yes, there is a bracket where Princeton wins


Forget Ohio State and Kansas. Pitt? No way. I’m taking Princeton … to win my mid-career median salary bracket.

A site called Nerdy Bracket has set up four 2011 NCAA tournament brackets, then projected the winners according to the bracket titles. They have the “Student-athlete graduation rate” bracket, “men’s basketball graduate rate,” “mid-career median salary” and “average SAT score.”

Two teams prevail in those four brackets: Notre Dame and Princeton.

The Irish won the graduation rates, and the Tigers took the other two, thus the reason for the brackets. As the guys from Nerdy Bracket wrote, “Let’s be honest, this is the only way Princeton wins some games.”

But take a closer look at the mid-career median salary bracket. I’m a little stunned UC Santa Barbara made the Final Four.

I might have to rethink my daughter’s college plans.

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