A Facebook-style NCAA tourney design? ‘Like’


If newspapers ever officially die, count me among the mourners. We need newspapers for days like Monday when they roll out fantastic presentations for occasions like the day after Selection Sunday.

Four of the best are shown here, complete with screen grabs, details on how the pages were conceived, designed and executed.

My favorite? The Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Facebook-inspired page.

The layout’s simple and the concept isn’t anything new, but the execution – tip of the hate to writers Chris Carr and Myron P. Metcalf – is phenomenal. The above link is a screen grab of the entire page, which will let you zoom in and read each comment (my saved version won’t zoom). But I did include an excerpt of my favorite section, which features comedy nuggets on Duke (the “liker”), Oakland (the hashtag) and the number of comments on Wisconsin.

Pages like that make me proud to be a journalist. Well, happy at least.

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