Jimmer’s seemingly a lock for player of the year


Pssst. Nobody tell Kemba Walker that Jimmer Fredette has locked up national player of the year award. Otherwise we might not get shots like this vs. Syracuse.


The latest AnnArbor.com straw poll shows the BYU guard – and nation’s leading scorer –holding a commanding lead over Duke’s Nolan Smith and Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger. Walker was fifth with one first-place vote.

Then again, there’s still time for someone to make a run at Fredette.

AP player of the year ballots aren’t due until March 13, which means another couple of Kemba buzzer-beaters could give him a late push. Same for Smith, who’s the nation’s most complete player.

But let’s be honest. Unless Fredette throws up a goose egg Friday against New Mexico, he’s got this thing in the bag. Nobody tops Jimmermania.

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