Reader mailbag: Purdue, Notre Dame top list of hottest teams


Some coaches don’t believe in peaking. Roy Williams is fond of saying “If I knew how to get my team to peak, I’d have ‘em do it all year.”

Still, there’s no denying teams hit hot streaks and cold streaks. Guys miss shots, guys hit shots. That’s life in a season that can last up to 40 games.

And if they are on a roll, now’s the time to do it. So which teams are the most dangerous right now? Ken Davis addressed that question in his latest reader mailbag (also the last one of the season; thanks for the questions everyone).

The reader suggested Purdue and Notre Dame as the two teams nobody wants to play right now. Ken didn’t disagree, but also included Louisville, K-State, North Carolina and George Mason.  

Also in that bag of goodies? Georgetown’s chances of keeping a 3 or 4 seed despite Chris Wright’s injury, Memphis failing to meet sky-high expectations and Missouri’s road woes.

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