From Idaho to C-USA — Floyd and Eustachy maintain a bond


When Southern Miss handed UTEP a 64-51 loss Wednesday night, it wasn’t just about the Eagles beating Conference USA’s top team.

It was about the coaches on the sideline.

Tim Floyd’s enjoying a fine season in his first at El Paso. The Miners (19-6, 7-3) are now just a tick behind Memphis in the conference standings. The Golden Eagles (19-6, 8-4) are also right there, mostly because Larry Eustachy’s logged yet another 19-win season at the school.

The connection? The two are longtime friends who can bond over their rough times, their good times and everything in-between. It’s all part of a lovely story written by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports.

“We’ve been down the pipe, both of us,” Eustachy told Wetzel. “And both have the scars on our fannies to prove it.”

Also, there’s that house in Ames, Iowa. But it’s part of the story. Don’t let me ruin Dan’s tale.

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