ESPN’s skycam going the way of the dodo


Kentucky fans can breathe easy. ESPN’s skycam won’t be a part of future Kentucky games.

The network mounted a camera on speakers above the court at Rupp Arena, but the angle was disorienting and irritated the wrong people. Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart tweeted this Tuesday night:

“We have expressed the concerns with the new overhead camera use at future games & will no longer approve the camera location in the future.”

ESPN took notice. From Wednesday’s Lexington Herald-Leader:

Even without UK granting approval, ESPN did not sound eager to return to the overhead view.

ESPN spokesman Michael Humes said Wednesday that the unusual camera placement was part of a week of “innovative” television by the network. “Wasn’t something we’re going to implement season-long,” he wrote in an e-mail message.

Next up: Can we get rid of the courtside in-game interviews? Thanks.

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