If Oregon’s court spawns imitators, they might look like this


When Oregon debuted the floor at Matthew Knight Arena last month, it was an instant love/hate thing. It gave some TV viewers a headache, but others (like me) found themselves oddly entranced by the originality and colors.

That’s music to Jake Donahue’s ears.

The freelancer designer – also a hoops fan – looked at the floor and was wowed by the design, but was struck by the extreme home-court advantage the floor provides. So he set to work photo-shopping floors for eight other schools to see what their home-court advantage might look like.

He also didn’t go to the same extreme Oregon did. The dimensions are clear from Donahue’s designs.

“I was watching a game the other day on TV from Matthew Knight Arena and thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to a televised basketball game,” Donahue told Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger. “You can’t see the half-court line and the reflections from the arena’s digital reader board glares horribly on the floor.”

The best part? Donahue says some people actually like the courts. My question: Does Nike?

(Again, thanks to The Dagger).

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