Fun with NCAA tournament projections!


Selection Sunday is almost a month away, which means NCAA tournament bracket projections are gonna be all the rage for the next six weeks.

That leaves you with a few options.

You could read Dave Ommen’s projections (he was the most accurate projector last season) and call it a day. But maybe you need a second opinion. Why, I don’t know. Maybe you’re not a trusting person.

So you could spend hours surfing the web, comparing brackets and taking notes. But you probably spent hours this morning watching Super Bowl videos. So that’s out.

That’s where comes in. Those geniuses have compiled six brackets, compared ‘em all and listed the teams according to their average seed and how many brackets in which they appear.

If that’s not enough, they use those average seeds to do NCAA tournament game predictions, the odds of each surviving tourney round based on their seeds and resulting likelihood of bracket matchups (stellar feature) and the top upset picks.

Right now, Belmont and St. Mary’s are the two teams those big-name programs want to avoid. (Kind of amazed how far down Oakland and Coastal Carolina are.) Take notes for your bracket.

Hmmm. Not sure I saved you hours of web surfing after all.

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