Reader mailbag: Duke’s brothers, Spartans’ struggles and more


Michigan State has issues, sure. But can those issues be solved if Tom Izzo would just recruit better big men? Where are the 7-footer in East Lansing, anyway?

That’s the leadoff question in Ken Davis’ weekly mailbag, but since I spent a chunk of time Thursday on the Spartans, I figure I can use this space to focus on the other aspects of Ken’s story.

Like Duke.

Yeah, I know. More territory that’s been covered before. But bear with me. (Utah State was another question, and I also had a fun feature on the Aggies’ Wild Bill.”)

This is all about the Plumlee brothers, Miles, Mason and soon-to-be Devil, Marshall. Has any team had three brothers before on one team?

Hmm. Maybe I should focused on Utah State.

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