A grown man dressed a female Disney character? Just another night for Utah State’s ‘Wild Bill’


“Wild Bill” Sprout and Utah State have upped the ante.

College basketball loves its outrageous fans as evidence by the attention surrounding “Crazy Towel Guy” or “Speedo Guy.” (Are “Red Man, Blue Man” from Duquesne next?) But Wild Bill, who caught TV attention last year thanks to his mix of fervor and size (and a willingness to show off that sizable belly), might just be the most notable of all of ‘em.

When he had a health scare over the summer, two media outlets reported on his condition. That, dear reader, is one lovable figure.

So Wild Bill’s done what any lovable sideline figure would do. He’s gotten more outrageous. And the other fans are helping out.

During Utah State’s win over Nevada Wednesday night, Wild Bill dressed up as Mrs. Potts from “Beauty and the Beast” – the latest in a line of Disney characters for him – and proceeded to create such a stir that he surely caused a missed free throw by Nevada’s Dario Hunt.


Ah, Wild Bill. What will you do next? Perhaps if I read his blog I’ll get some insight. Or simply a good laugh.

(Thanks to The Dagger, BIAH, CBSSports and everyone else out there. And thank you, Wild Bill.)

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