Good luck to the Gentlemen of Centenary. They need it.


Forget Ohio State going unbeaten. The odds aren’t in the Buckeyes’ favor.

But Centenary losing every game? That’s a solid bet.

The Gentlemen (bet mascot in D-I) are 0-21 and have lost all but two games by double digits. There’s only one “winnable” game left on the schedule, Feb. 24 vs. Western Illinois. The chances of them losing all nine games? 64.4 percent.

Good luck, Gents.

That’s from a Ken Pomeroy blog on the teams most likely to run the table in conference play and the least likely to win a game. Centenary tops the winless list, with Wake Forest (31.4 percent), San Diego (25.9 percent), Auburn (23.3) and DePaul (22.3 percent) rounding out the top five.

As for the teams who might finish their conference schedules unbeaten, forget about the Buckeyes, Texas or BYU. All three are looking at steep odds. But Belmont (53.9 percent) is almost as likely to roll through its conference schedule without a loss and Centenary is to go without a win. Those Bruins are tough.

Behind them: Oakland (32.5 percent), Utah State (28.5 percent) and St. Mary’s (24.0 percent). The Longhorns (11.9 percent) do have the highest among major conference schools, though. Winning at Lawrence helps.

And those Buckeyes? Just 5.8 percent. That Big Ten. It’s brutal.

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